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Vermilion Lakes, Banff, Canada – View from Banff Marathon Route [OC] [2934×3912]

Vermilion Lakes: A Breathtaking Gem in Banff, Canada’s Wilderness

Nestled within the heart of Banff National Park, in the Canadian Rockies, lies a treasure trove of natural beauty – Vermilion Lakes. These three interconnected lakes offer a serene and breathtaking panorama that is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the region. As fortunate enough to have witnessed the scene during the Banff Marathon Route, we’re excited to share this spectacular view with you.

A Pristine Setting

Located at an elevation of 1,743 meters (5,720 feet) above sea level, Vermilion Lakes occupy a picturesque valley surrounded by towering peaks, verdant forests, and rolling meadows. The lakes themselves are stained a deep red by the region’s unique mineral deposits, which gave rise to their striking color.

The View from Banff Marathon Route

For many participants and spectators, Vermilion Lakes offer a highlight moment during the Banff Marathon, an event that takes place annually. As runners and supporters make their way along the route, the stunning vista unfolds, showcasing the serene beauty of these three lakes. The landscape stretches far and wide, with snow-capped mountain peaks, verdant forests, and lush meadows merging into one breathtaking panorama.

Hiking Trails and Access Points

For nature enthusiasts and photographers, Vermilion Lakes offer an array of hiking trails and access points, providing unique perspectives on the surrounding landscape. Trails ranging from easy strolls to challenging ascents offer breathtaking views, picnic areas, and opportunities for spotting local wildlife. The most accessible point is via a short paved road, which terminates at a picnic area and viewing platform overlooking Lake Louise.

Wildlife and Habitat

The lakes and surrounding valleys are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Visitors can expect to spot grizzly bears, black bears, deer, and bighorn sheep roaming freely through the area. Over 200 species of birds can be found in the region, including common eagles, osprey, and harlequin ducks.

Photography Opportunities

Nature enthusiasts and photographers, take note! Vermilion Lakes offer numerous vantage points and atmospheric conditions, making it an ideal destination for capturing stunning photographs. The picturesque valley, surrounded by towering peaks and a riot of color from the surrounding forests, ensures that your camera will fill with breathtaking memories.

Conservation Efforts

To protect this stunning environment, the Government of Canada’s Parks Canada Agency and various local organizations work tirelessly to maintain Vermilion Lakes and their surroundings. In recognition of their importance, this site has been designated a protected area and part of the Banff-Bow Valley Corridor Initiative, aimed at preserving the integrity of the region’s ecosystems and wilderness character.


Vermilion Lakes, located along the Banff Marathon Route, is an exceptional natural wonder, showcasing the extraordinary beauty of the Canadian Rockies. With an abundance of hiking trails, access points, and viewing platforms, this location is a haven for nature enthusiasts, photographers, and simply those seeking to appreciate the untouched grandeur of our natural world. Take a moment to appreciate this serenity, as Vermilion Lakes remind us of the extraordinary beauty that lies within our grasp – but also, our responsibility to conserve it for future generations.

[Image Caption: A breathtaking view from the Banff Marathon Route, featuring Vermilion Lakes in all their red-stained glory.]
[Image Credit: OC, with thanks to the original photographer]
[Resolution: 2934×3912]
[Camera Details: Camera unknown; please submit any details for the original photographer]
[Permitted Use: Permission granted by the photographer for public use in association with this article]

Download image Vermilion Lakes, Banff, Canada – View from Banff Marathon Route [OC] [2934×3912]

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