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Lower Antelope Canyon, LeChee, ARIZONA


📌Navajo Upper Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon in the American Southwest, on Navajo land east of Lechee, Arizona. 🌵 It includes six separate, scenic slot canyon sections on the Navajo Reservation, referred to as Upper Antelope Canyon (or The Crack), Rattle Snake Canyon, Owl Canyon, Mountain Sheep Canyon, Canyon X, and Lower Antelope Canyon (or The Corkscrew). 🌄 It is the primary attraction of Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park, along with a hiking trail to Rainbow Bridge National Monument. 🥾

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Discover the Natural Wonder of Lower Antelope Canyon, LeChee, Arizona

Tucked away in the heart of Arizona’s Navajo Nation, Lower Antelope Canyon is a breathtaking natural wonder that has captivated visitors from around the world. This stunning slot canyon is a must-see destination for anyone who loves adventure, photography, and the great outdoors.

A Brief History

Lower Antelope Canyon, also known as "Al’tseh" in the Navajo language, has been a sacred site for the Navajo people for centuries. The canyon was formed millions of years ago through erosion caused by flash floods and the relentless flow of water. The Navajo people have lived in harmony with the canyon for generations, respecting its spiritual significance and the intricate rock formations that have been carved out over time.

The Canyon’s Unique Features

Lower Antelope Canyon is a unique and awe-inspiring destination that offers breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences. The canyon’s narrow passages and towering walls are unlike anything else in the world. The rust-red rock formations, shaped by millions of years of erosion, create a surreal landscape that is both fragile and powerful.

As you explore the canyon, you’ll notice the intricate patterns and shapes created by the wind and water. The walls of the canyon are adorned with swirling sandstone formations, known as "painted desert," which are a testament to the region’s rich geological history.

Exploring the Canyon

Visitors to Lower Antelope Canyon can explore the canyon through guided tours, which are led by experienced Navajo guides. The tours are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of both the visitors and the canyon itself. The guides will share stories about the canyon’s history, geology, and cultural significance, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of this natural wonder.

The tours take you through the canyon’s narrow passages, where you’ll have the opportunity to take stunning photographs and marvel at the breathtaking views. You’ll also have the chance to learn about the Navajo people’s traditional way of life and the importance of the canyon in their culture.

Tips and Essentials

Before visiting Lower Antelope Canyon, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The canyon is located on Navajo land, and visitors must respect the Navajo Nation’s rules and regulations.
  • Guided tours are the only way to explore the canyon, and they must be booked in advance.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as you’ll be walking and climbing through the canyon.
  • Bring a camera and plenty of water, as the canyon can be hot and dry.
  • Respect the canyon’s fragile ecosystem and do not touch or damage the rock formations.


Lower Antelope Canyon is a natural wonder that is not to be missed. This stunning slot canyon offers breathtaking views, unique rock formations, and a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the Navajo people. Whether you’re an adventure-seeker, a photographer, or simply looking for a unique experience, Lower Antelope Canyon is a must-visit destination in Arizona.

Getting There

Lower Antelope Canyon is located in LeChee, Arizona, which is approximately 4.5 hours northeast of Phoenix and 2.5 hours southeast of Page, Arizona. The canyon is accessible by guided tour only, and visitors must book their tours in advance through a licensed tour operator.

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