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Kanarraville, Utah


📌 Known for the stunning Kanarra Creek Canyon, featuring picturesque slot canyons and waterfalls 🌊. A popular destination for hikers seeking a beautiful and adventurous trail through narrow passages and flowing streams 🥾.

Credit📸: IG/@austin.james.jackson

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Discover the charms of Kanarraville, Utah: A Hidden Gem in Southwest Utah

Tucked away in Washington County, Utah, Kanarraville is a small town with a big attitude and a rich history that beckons travelers to explore. Located about 35 miles north of St. George, Kanarraville is a hidden gem off the beaten path that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and small-town charm.


Founded in 1863 as a small farming community, Kanarraville has a rustic charm that dates back to the early mining days. The town was named after the Canevare River (Kanarraville spelling) that flows through its main street. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, coal mining was the mainstay of the town, and remnants of those days are still visible in the historic buildings and miner’s cottages that dot the landscape.

Natural Attractions

Kanarraville’s proximity to the rugged terrain and unique geological formations of southwest Utah makes it an ideal base for outdoor adventures. Just outside town, visit the iconic Virgin River and Canyon of the Virgin River State Park, which offers stunning views and a range of activities like canyoneering, hiking, rock climbing, and camping.

Experience the majesty of the nearby Red Hill and Little Creek Canyon systems, with their colorful rock layers, hidden springs, and scenic trails. In the spring, watch the town transforms into a blooming oasis during the Kanarraville Creekside Garden Tour and Historic Homes Tour.

Small Town Charm

While Kanarraville is small in size (with a population of just over 230 residents), its town square is packed with nostalgic charm. Browse the quaint shops, stop by the old general store converted into a community center, and grab a bite to eat at one of two restaurants in town. Visit in July to join the Kanarraville Heritage Day Celebration, which takes you back in time with Victorian-era dress-up, music performances, and pioneer crafts.

Access and Accommodations

Situated off I-15 north of St. George, Kanarraville is easily accessible by car via US-18. RVs and motorhomes are allowed on town streets, making it an option for camping enthusiasts. If you want to splurge, choose one of the local B&B inns, vacation rentals, or scenic cabins surrounding the town.

Wildlife and Nature

Kanarraville’s natural ambiance is enriched by an abundance of wildlife that call the area home. Keep a spotter’s guide handy to capture the resident bird species, including the local turkey, and take a peak at the various lizard species slithering through the landscape. Don’t forget to grab a camera to take snapshots of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that greet Kanarraville every morning and evening.

In Conclusion

Kanarraville’s allure lies in its understated yet genuine small-town way, coupled with its remarkable natural surrounding landscapes. With outdoor recreation waiting just beyond its borders and town amenities like charming shops and meals on offer, this hidden town south of Utah is sure to delight intrepid travelers, nature buffs, and those seeking an authentic Midwestern experience in the Grand Circle. Come for a few hours, and stay for years, Kanarraville truly is a hidden gem that will always hold a special place in travelers’ hearts.

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