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Humantay Lagoon, Peru. [oc][2079×2500] @seanaimages

Discovering the Eternal Blue of Humantay Lagoon in Peru

Tucked away in the Andean mountains of southeastern Peru lies a natural wonder that is waiting to be discovered – the enchanting Humantay Lagoon. Also known as Laguna Humantay, this breathtaking body of water is located near the famous Salkantay Trek, a route used by the Incas. Surrounded by towering peaks and lush vegetation, the lagoon is a must-see destination for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts.

Image: A serene picture of the Humantay Lagoon, surrounded by rugged mountains and lush greenery, courtesy of @seanaimages[2079×2500]

A Paradise of Turquoise Waters

As one approaches the lagoon, the sheer natural beauty of the surroundings becomes evident. The turquoise waters of the lagoon shine like a beacon, reflecting the sky’s brilliant blue and surrounded by misty mountains. The lagoon is glacial in origin, created thousands of years ago by the retreat of an ancient glacier. The stunning visual effect is further enhanced by the numerous waterfalls that cascade into the lake from the surrounding peaks.

Accessibility and Trekking

To reach the lagoon, trekkers and backpackers must embark on a daylong hike from the town of Mollepata, which is accessible from the capital city of Cusco. The route takes you through picturesque villages, meandering rivers, and lush cloud forests. Alternatively, you can opt for a shorter half-day hike from the nearby villages of Soray or Humantay, which offer more affordable accommodations.

Wildlife and Fishing

The Humantay Lagoon is home to a variety of aquatic life, including trout, catfish, and different species of birds. Visitors can try their hand at catch-and-release fishing, which requires a permit and is regulated to conserve the lagoon’s delicate ecosystem.

Climate and Weather

The Humantay Lagoon is situated at an elevation of around 4,300 meters (14,000 feet) above sea level. Weather conditions can be unpredictable, with mist, fog, and rain common throughout the year. Visitors should be prepared with adequate gear, including waterproof clothing and sturdy shoes.

Accommodation and Tips

For those planning an overnight stay, there are various lodging options available in the nearby villages and town, including budget-friendly hostels and cozy bungalows. It’s essential to respect the local environment and culture, by removing all trash and respecting sacred natural sites.


The Humantay Lagoon is an absolute treasure of Peru’s natural heritage. The pristine waters, stunning mountain backdrop, and lush vegetation create a breathtaking destination for photographers, trekkers, and outdoor enthusiasts. With its easy access, moderate hiking trails, and ample accommodation options, the Humantay Lagoon is an ideal destination for any type of traveler.

Download image Humantay Lagoon, Peru. [oc][2079×2500] @seanaimages

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