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Hills of Coron, Philippines [OC] [5184×3456]

The Breathtaking Hills of Coron, Philippines: A Photography Paradise

Tucked away in the northernmost part of Palawan, Philippines, lies the mystical archipelago of Coron. This secluded gem is a treasure trove of natural wonders, boasting crystal-clear lagoons, powdery white sandy beaches, and lush green hills that touch the sky. Among these picturesque landscapes, the Hills of Coron stand out as a photographer’s dream come true.

The Hills’ Landscape

The Hills of Coron are an otherworldly expanse of emerald green hills, stretching as far as the eye can see. The rolling landscape is dotted with rugged peaks, rocky outcrops, and scrubby trees, creating a dramatic skyline that changes with the light of day. As the sun rises, the hills are bathed in a warm, golden glow, gradually giving way to soft pastel hues as the day progresses.

The Perfect Photography Playground

For photographers, the Hills of Coron are a playground of endless creative possibilities. The varied textures and contours of the hills provide a stunning backdrop for capturing breathtaking vistas, abstract shots, and even surreal landscapes that defy gravity. The ever-changing light conditions add an extra layer of magic, with the sun’s rays casting long shadows, creating dappled patterns, and illuminating the crevices and craters with an ethereal glow.

Tips for Photographing the Hills of Coron

To make the most of your photographic adventure in the Hills of Coron, follow these expert tips:

  1. Early Rise: Dawn is the best time to capture the most dramatic light. Arrive at the hills well before sunrise to secure a vantage point with a clear view of the rolling landscape.
  2. Play with Textures: The Hills of Coron offer a fascinating array of textures, from moss-covered rocks to wispy strands of grass. Experiment with close-up shots to reveal the intricate details of each surface.
  3. Capture Shadows: As the sun moves, the shadows cast by the hills take on an otherworldly quality. Look for dramatic shadows that will add depth and mystery to your compositions.
  4. Experiment with Filters: To enhance the surreal beauty of the Hills of Coron, use filters to emphasize the vibrant greens and golden hues of the landscape.

How to Get to the Hills of Coron

The Hills of Coron are a scenic 45-minute drive from the island’s capital, Coron town. To reach the hills, follow these steps:

  1. Book a Tour: Hire a local guide or book a guided tour to ensure a hassle-free and safe journey.
  2. Ride a Quad Bike: For an adventurous twist, opt for a quad bike ride to reach the hills, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  3. Trek: For the more daring, take a challenging hike through the rugged terrain to reach the summit of one of the many hills.


The Hills of Coron, Philippines, is a photographer’s haven, offering an unparalleled tapestry of natural beauty, textures, and surreal landscapes. Whether you’re an seasoned photographer or an aspiring shutterbug, the Hills of Coron are sure to inspire and captivate, leaving you with an unforgettable portfolio of breathtaking images. So pack your cameras, and get ready to capture the untamed beauty of this Philippine paradise.

Download image Hills of Coron, Philippines [OC] [5184×3456]

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