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Haleakalā Summit National Park, Hawaii [OC] [4032×3024]

Title: Elevation to Enchantment: Explored is Haleakala Summit National Park in Hawaii

Above the clouds and within the heart of Kipahulu, Maui Hawaii lies a unique National Park reserve, Haleakala Summit – a 24,719-feet high and 32-mile-long extinct volcano. Declared a national park in 1860, this enchanting destination will transport you to the majestic world around the sun-kissed summit!

[Image 1][4032×3024]

On a clear morning, visit the Halemau’u Trail in the Halemau’u Ranger District, which boasts an astonishing summit elevation starting at 8,860 feet over the lush volcanic landscape. Steeply descend through open fields, traversing the park perimeter to arrive at the summit overlooking the Haleakala Crater, which holds one of the World’s largest water resources. Witness captivating views of the moon-like valley and witness the world beneath the celestial clouds!

In terms of physical challenges, be aware that elevation sickness might hinder your Haleakala climb. You should not worry, help is just an emergency stop away, or get a medical specialist’s approval prior to joining this climb, especially taking your own family.

[Accessibility] Haleakala Summit State Park is an awe-inspiringly vast open space without any structures around the summit aside from an initial visitor center around the Haleakala Visitor Pavilion, the Summit Restrooms; however, visitors from the Maalaea Maui area by the Road from the summit drive are free for a beautiful 30 minute drive ride to reach a parking booth, after arriving at each visitor’s entrance ticket booth parking. Please let us clarify, if planning to view sunrise from above, you plan your arrival carefully, please arrive in parking lot areas, not outside the park since there’s minimal parking slots. Please always follow public guidelines.

As it is here, there is more fun to make! Enjoy an hour-long or two-day bike ride – Haleakala National – which you plan your bicycle tour ride while you pedal down Halemau’, or if walking, take scenic hiking trails; there awaits you. Also, explore for an amazing photo shoot adventure – don’t forget your film and tripod.

Explore Hale Akala National Park to unlock the secrets while experiencing breathtaking wonders of the area!
Download image Haleakalā Summit National Park, Hawaii [OC] [4032×3024]

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