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Gollinger Wasserfälle, Austria [OC] [2000×3000]

Gollinger Wasserfälle: A Hidden Gem Amidst Austria’s Natural Beauty

Tucked away in the western region of Austria, the Gollinger Wasserfälle (also known as Golling Waterfalls) is a breathtaking natural wonder waiting to be discovered. Located in the picturesque Ötztal Valley, surrounded by the majestic Alps, these stunning waterfalls are a must-see destination for nature lovers and adventure-seekers alike.

The Waterfall

The Golling Waterfalls are a series of gentle cascades, comprising three main layers, which cascade down a rocky and verdant slope. The roar of the water creates a soothing music, harmonizing with the bird songs and gentle rustling of leaves creating a serene atmosphere. The water gushes from a natural cavern, surrounded by lush greenery, sending droplets of water flying upstream, creating a misty veil that casts a mystical spell on the surroundings. Reaching a height of approximately 24 meters (78 feet), the water splashes down into a tranquil pool before continuing its journey downstream.

Adventure Waiting to be Explored

Beyond the stunning visual appeal of these waterfalls, visitors can indulge their sense of adventure by exploring the fascinating landscape surrounding the Gollinges. Take a leisurely hike following the trail along the river, which skirts the waterfall, and discover hidden surprises around every bend. The 5-kilometer winding path is well-marked with warning signs and bridges, ensuring a trouble-free and enjoyable experience for guests of all ages and abilities.

Surprises and Insights

As wanderers navigate the trail’s twists and turns, they may pause to take in the unique details and peculiarities of the scene. Spot the rare and curious insects flitting about bushes and wildflowers, or pause a mere 5 meters (16.4 feet) from the waterfall precipice, allowing the roar of the whitewater to envelop you. Explore the lush greenery, teemed with diverse flora and fauna, and become acutely aware of the interconnectedness that defines the Ötztal ecological network.

Practical Itinerary

Visitors can anticipate an enriching experience by adopting the following practical itinerary:

  1. Upon arrival, start with a parking space in the designated lot, and enter the hiking trailhead.
  2. Venture onto the path, taking in nature’s serenity and marvel of the Gollinger Wasserfälle.
  3. Pause between cascades to enjoy brief interludes of relaxation overlooking the falls.
  4. Take 2-3 hours to complete the approx. 5-kilometers winding path.
  5. End any expedition by returning to Parking, re-energetic from your excursion.

Tips to Avoid the Crowd

To bask in the tranquility intended by this Austrian gem, consider consulting these expertly curated tips to explore Gollinger Wasserfälle during off-peek hours:

  1. Visit during September, a month with plenty of sunlight, yet fewer tourists eager to venture out.
  2. Avoid peak Saturday mornings when locals and tourists take their weekend strolls;
  3. Start your hike early within the first two hours of opening from the trailhead;
    Keep a discreet pace, and focus on observing the natural attractions.
  4. D]rop back to the parking lot while maintaining your pace, allowing peak-season travelers to pass.

Accessing Gollinger Wasserfälle

Located less than an hour’s drive East from Innsbruck Center, Austria, the Gollinger Wasserfälle trailhead is easily accessible via state roads A12 and A51. A convenient parking lot holds about 150 vehicles, ensuring relative proximity to the trailhead should visitors require assistance.


Gollunger Wasserfälle, enthralls visitors with its sublime harmony of water, rock, and environment, and it is an experience designed for everyone. Whether you delight in gentle strolls over breathtaking waterfalls, or an energetic exploration of the Öztal region, this Austrian gem will transcend the senses, and awaken the naturalist within. A day well-spent on this Austrian waterfall adventure will leave behind lasting impressions and cherished memories.

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