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Going to the Sun Road in Montana


📌Going-to-the-Sun Road in Montana is an engineering marvel! Spanning 50 miles through Glacier National Park, it was completed in 1932 and is both a National Historic Landmark and a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Enjoy stunning views of mountains, lakes, and wildlife along the way!

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"Going to the Sun Road: A Breathtaking Scenic Drive through Glacier National Park"

As the sun rises over the mountains, the air is crisp and clear, filling with the sweet scent of wildflowers as the sound of snow-capped peaks whispering through the breeze, invites travelers to embark on one of the most unforgettable road trips of a lifetime – the Going to the Sun Road. Spanning an incredible 50 miles through the heart of Montana’s stunning Glacier National Park, this national landmark has captivated road warriors, photographers, and adventure-seekers for generations.

Getting Ready

Located in the U.S. state of Montana, Glacier National Park is home to one of the last intact natural wonders of the Rockies – Going to the Sun Road, named for its completion in 1932, with an impressive chain-linking process, hence, the moniker "going to the sun". Prior to planning a visit, consider these essential points to maximize your experience:

  1. Plan your visit according to opening and closure schedules, typically early July to early October, depending on the park’s winter activities.
  2. The park recommends visitors to book accommodation at Lake McDonald Lodge or Prince of Wales Hotel, both in walking distance of the road.

Starting Point and Route Highlights

Camas and Saint Mary Junction: Embark your epic adventure at this 9-mile (14-km) entry point from the east (Boundary Dam side), while western entrants can park near Logan Pass Visitor Center on the Going-to-the-Sun Road itself. As the initial drive opens, discover the lush cedar-lined meadows, vast blue sky vistas, and mist-covered ridges.

  • Camas Lake: On your first hour, take the chance to savor this picturesque lake stop. You might spot majestic Ospreys soaring through its glass-like waters.
  • Iceberg Lake: Watch mesmerizing alpine pools surrounded by majestic peaks, or follow short, easy paths leading to a secluded shore (park at the signed overlook, for safety). Try a dip in July/August when possible!

  • St. Mary Lake and Lakeside Campground: Find inspiration on a calm, crystalline St. Mary Lake setting (don’t miss the ‘morning reflection’ shots when it mirrors the surrounding ridges); this is another lovely pit-stop.


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